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Victory Kids

Early Intervention Center and Acadamy for Children with Special Social and Educational Needs

                                                                                                                    What We Do

The centre provides an intensive programme where we focus on teaching each child, Life Skills, Social Skills and Educational Principles.

The Centre develops a unique Individual Education Plan and Family Support Plan for each child, which includes programmes such as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) as well as Sensory Modulation Programmes.

We further work closely with the child’s speech therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, optometrist and other medical professionals to maximize the child’s planned therapy.

The Centre aims to offer not only the best early intervention programme to children with special social and educational needs, but also to support their families as they deal with having a child with these developmental differences; their hopes and fears associated with the specific diagnosis as well as its impact on the family unit and marriage. We focus on empowering and supporting the parents and families to assists with coping strategies for their special needs child in the home environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a caring, loving, fun, stimulating and supportive environment for children with special social and educational needs through a holistic and multi-disciplinary

approach. Preparing them for the future by leading

independent, respectful and productive lives in our


Our Goal

Our goal is to prepare the young warriors to integrate into mainstream or special educational environments through individualized programmes and support structures.

The Team

The staff at Victory Kids Early Intervention Centre and Academy is comprised of young women and men who are pursing or have completed their studies in Psychology, Foundation Phase Teaching, Childcare or Early Childhood Development Teaching.

The staff members have a passion for children specially those with extra needs. They are trained in the principles of Applied Bahaviour Analysis Therapy (ABA) and have received training in all areas in which they operate at the centre. 

Our Team also works very closely with other therapist such as Speech and Languge Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Physiotherapist that treats our children.

Early Intervention Centre

Purple Butterflies

Teacher: Janita
Tutor: Michelle

The Puple Butterflies focus on sensory stimulation, social interactions and a preschool theme curriculum.

Blue Birds

Teacher: Vuyokazi
Tutor: Terri

The Blue Birds class focus on a preschool theme curriculum.

Red Ladybirds

Teacher: Heather
Tutor: Zimkitha

The Red Ladybirds class based on a Pre Grade R class
and focuses on a preschool theme curriculum.

Victory Kids Academy

Yellow Ducks

Teacher: Jade
Tutor: Gloria

The Yellow Ducks class cater for
our Pre Grade R children.

Green Grasshoppers

Teacher: Kyle
Tutor: Jessica

The Green Grasshopper class acts as a bridging class
for our Grade R and Grade 1 children.

Grade 1

Teacher: Monique

This class caters for our Grade 1 and 2 children.